Sentry Financial Solutions, LLC was formed in 2014 and incorporated as Sentry Financial Solutions, Inc. in 2018. Sentry specializes in consulting and supporting the  “Hotshot” transportation industry. The term “Hotshot” transportation refers to someone who uses pickup trucks, generally with 35’, 44’, and 52’ enclosed van trailers to deliver freight where semi-trucks can’t go. Hotshot truckers can deliver up to 80 percent of the freight of a semi-truck at about 50 percent of the cost and in a fraction of the time. Hotshot freight is generally considered expedited freight, so Hotshot truckers can charge a higher price than traditional freight services. The fact that Hotshot truckers can charge more and have substantially lower operating costs than a traditional freight company–and they don’t require the drivers to have a CDL– makes them extremely profitable. 

Sentry is the second-largest shareholder of both Bizznuts, Inc., dba Hotshot Haulers, one of the premier consulting firms for the hotshot trucking industry and PowerSports Haulers, Inc., the largest expedited power-sports shipper in the country. Sentry has the exclusive rights to broker all Power Sports Haulers’ freight business north of the US border. Sentry also consults with potential owner/operators in the power-sports hauler industry to set them up as independent contractors.

Sentry has a large inventory of new trucks and trailers ready to be sold to owner/operators and added to the PowerSports Hauler’s fleet so they can start generating positive cash flow.  Sentry will offer its fully equipped rig for sale on a turnkey package so new potential owner/operators can be up and running in weeks instead of months. 

The Team

We believe that customers are central to everything we do. We consequently attach a lot of importance to customer service. Our customer service agents become your Personal Assistants to move your plans along.